Small good deed

If you’re looking for a small good deed to do this Christmas, contributing to our James’s Rainbow PICU bags is an easy way to help out a family.

Every month, on or around the anniversary of our son’s death (January 2), we take bags to the pediatric ICU at Mission. They contain small toiletries, snack foods, decks of cards, and a variety of other items that parents in the PICU can use. They are very popular and we have received lots of nice emails from appreciative parents.

Currently, we are very much in need of toiletries (travel sized shampoo, toothpaste, soaps, deodorant, etc).

If you would like to buy and send an item, you can go to our Amazon wishlist here:

You can send as much or as little as you like.
Thanks so much, friends. We appreciate it!


4 thoughts on “Small good deed

  1. God bless you.. I heard your story on NPR. What a beautiful boy.. I am blessed with 3 healthy children, my youngest named James, and I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. Hearing your story brought me some insight though, into my soon to be husbands world. He lost an infant daughter after enduring several miscarriges. She would be 17 in spring. She only touched this world for a brief time, but you reminded me that as a parent you fall in love with your child long before they draw thier first breath. He doesn’t talk about her much. We visit her grave several times a year. Kill the ants.. change the flowers, re- paint the little statues and figurines representing what she might have been or done. I have always been supportive though saddened by this experience, but never able to really understand his process. He doesn’t talk about it much, and I never felt like pressing him would be helpful in anyway. Hearing your story.. God bless you and your family.. You put into words the things he could not say… You helped me to better understand a man I love very much.. And I wanted you to know that. I wanted to say THANK YOU for making public something so deeply private, for sharing such an intimate personal relationship with strangers. I’m positve it helps many to process thier own feelings, but I wanted to say it. Bless you all… May your Christmas be simple and peaceful for you and your family. A celebration of LOVE.. AND Peace


  2. Hi Dr. Ashe,
    I heard you on the TTFA podcast and it broke my heart. I’m a nurse and a mom and I cannot imagine your pain. I will find some small way to honor your son and his sweet face. Please take care


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