After struggling with this decision for some time, I have decided to start a GoFundMe account. I am only able to work part-time currently, and James’ medical needs will only continue to accumulate. Additionally, he will need heart surgery soon, since he is now going to be a candidate for it. That will necessitate us traveling to Charlotte (Levine’s Children’s Hospital) for 10 days to several weeks (depending on his recovery).

If you feel so inclined, any help that you feel like providing will be appreciated 1000x. And when our situation changes, however that is, we will pay it forward, I can promise you that.

Please share this link with your friends and family if you feel so inclined. I’ve been told to ask for help, so I am asking. Thank you, friends and family, for all that you have already done for us and for James. We have been touched beyond words by the love we’ve been shown.




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